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The results normally produce boosted gas consumption and performance, and also better general running, with no unfavorable effects on reliability and usually with minimized general exhaust emissions. This is especially the situation within the UK as well as the EC, where energy high quality is identified by legislation, enabling a lot more precise management setups. Whereas the original market for engine remapping was centred practically totally on drivers interested in extracting the max performance, and typically with raised fuel usage, today's buyers often be much more unique and a large proportion are much more worried (not surprisingly) about increasing economy. Remapping is no more the maintain of child racers, yet is increasingly being made use of by fleet supervisors in order to make in some cases huge overall savings on gas prices.

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Virtually every contemporary engine in cars as well as light industrial vehicles features an electronic command unit (or ECU for brief), alternatively known as an engine management computer. This specialised as well as complicated system contains a number of integrated circuit as well as essentially regulates the running of the engine. It is linked to different sensors that find basic factors such as temperature level (both in the engine and externally), rate and exhaust gas composition. In more innovative units, that are ending up being progressively usual, many other disorders are taken into factor to consider. The ECU then handlings numerous engine functions, primarily fuel shot, ignition timing as well as improvement tension if a turbocharger is matched. The aim is clearly to ensure smooth running, optimum energy intake as well as performance, as well as very little exhaust gas discharges.